Why find schools first?

Why should you find schools first before looking for a home? Children thrive when you make their school the No. 1 priority in your move. If you plan to send your children to public school, it’s particularly important to understand that most of the public schools require students to live within a specified area. Although some districts have magnet schools—and charter schools or private schools are an option for some families—most families need to find a home in the area near their preferred schools.


Even in Williamson County, where virtually all of the schools are “rated” near the top of the scale, individual
schools have policies, idiosyncrasies, or philosophies that are impossible to discern from afar. School
reviews on major websites provide very little valid advice, and “rankings” are little more than accumulated
data. These websites are, however, a good starting point when you are trying to become familiar with some
of the schools in Middle Tennessee.
If your child’s educational future is of vital importance to you—and if it’s going to play a key role in your
home-buying decision—shouldn’t you have all the information you need before you begin your house

The bottom line is this: No one can tell you what is best for your child based merely on numerics such as test scores or
class sizes. Awards don’t translate into well-rounded young adults any more than delicious school lunches do. While these
factors are important when assessing your child’s educational needs, the best-fit school stands apart because it meets most or all of the criteria you decide is important for your child—academically, socially, and financially.