Testing Your Child for Academic Difficulties


Academic assessment is an important first step in determining whether your child has a learning disability—and it’s one that you’ll need to take if you’re searching for a home for sale near a school that’s right for your child.

About Learning Disability Testing in Tennessee

Several institutions, including the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center, offer learning assessment clinics. Children are typically tested on:

  • Cognition
  • Motor coordination
  • Handwriting
  • Listening
  • Verbal learning
  • Visual learning
  • Planning
  • Use of strategies
  • Working memory
  • Adaptive skills
  • Emotional adjustment
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Mathematics

Does Your Child Need Learning Disability Testing?

As a parent, you know your child best. In many cases, there isn’t a specific “lightbulb moment.” Instead, for many moms and dads, it’s a series of small cues that signal the need for learning disability testing.

You may notice that your child:

  • Has grades that don’t match his or her abilities
  • Struggles with homework
  • Has behavioral problems in school
  • Doesn’t “test well”
  • Has a difficult time reading, writing, or completing mathematical calculations

If you need to reteach your child everything he or she has learned in school, if your child’s teacher has concerns about his or her progress, or someone has suggested that your child needs to repeat a grade, you may want to consider learning disability testing, as well.

What Happens After Learning Disability Testing?

Many parents struggle to find a school that’s right for their differently-abled child, but it’s absolutely necessary to the child’s emotional and educational development. That’s where we come in.

We’ll conduct a family survey that lets us learn more about your needs. From there, we’ll talk about your priorities and start to narrow down the list of schools that will best serve your child. We’ll use that information to identify individual schools and introduce you to a Realtor® who specializes in homes for sale in that area.

Do You Need to Talk to an Educational Consultant?

We can help you throughout this journey—just call us at 615-714-0139 or contact us online. You can also download our free eBook, Dream Schools, Dream Home, which is packed with great information you can use to help your child and yourself.